Authors of The Peel - YWCA Lake County

Authors of The Peel

Diana Chavarria

Youth Coordinator

I was born December 1996 and I grew up in Waukegan. I do off the clock because in spreading our experiences and opinions I hope we'll raise awareness and open the eyes of people to try to make a change in our community to stop injustices.

Courtney Combs

Social Justice Coordinator

I am the Social Justice Coordinator for YWCA Lake County. I am a Floridian girl surviving winters here in Lake County, Illinois since 2015. I am very passionate about advocacy especially pertaining to education and children.

DeNitra Brown

Infant Toddler Specialist

I have always been passionate about children and have only worked in the Education field. Giving a voice to young children and their families is something that I enjoy doing and will continue to be a voice for equality for those here in my community.