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Childcare Resource & Referral (CCR&R)

UPDATE: As a result of feedback input received on the Attendance Policy changes, IDHS announced they will push the implementation date to August 2016, and will adjust the policy to address concerns and prevent delayed payments. We will update you as we receive new information.

ATTENTION CCAP PROVIDERS! Effective July 1, 2016, IDHS will require sign-in sheets prior to payment for the Child Care Assistance Program. Click Here to read the notice sent with July billing forms. Click Here to access a copy of the approved IDHS attendance logs. Questions about how to implement the new policy should be directed to ccap@ywcalakecountyil.org. Questions and concerns about the impact of the new policy should be submitted in writing to IDHS at:

IDHS - Bureau of Child Care and Development
401 S. Clinton St.
Chicago, Illinois 60607

YWCA Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) is a national, state and local system to increase access to quality and affordable child care for working parents. YWCA Lake County CCR&R works in partnership with parents, business leaders, government officials and child care providers to bring high quality child care to Lake County families.

The CCR&R is committed to:
- Increasing the supply of quality, affordable child care
- Preparing individuals to enter the child care field
- Assisting families with locating child care that meets their needs

The YWCA Lake County provides most education and training programs in Spanish as well as English.

Services for Parents
Services for Providers
Services for the Community

*IMPORTANT Changes to Child Care Assistance Program.





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Click here for the FY 2014 YWCA Lake County CCR&R Annual Report

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For more information, contact the CCR&R at 847-662-4247, 1-877-675-7992, or childcare@ywcalakecountyil.org.